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November 6, 2011
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Toy Store App: Gijiri revamp by HaruLulu Toy Store App: Gijiri revamp by HaruLulu
*Redone app, I'll show the weapon logic of how he's a toy solder xD! He has a Katana, but its not visible on the app right now.
For :icontoy-store:
Name: Gijiri (議事利)
Age: 300 years old (form of 20 year old)
Gender: Male
Height: 6"2
Job : Toy Army Soldier
Species : Living doll, "Kimekomi Gosho Shoki" (「極込御所所期」)
Weapon : Katana
Abilities :
    ~Postive: Gijiri can move quickly and is skillful with the sword, aware more of his surroundings
    Negative: Weak in martial arts (basically physical combat etc. Can only wield the katana.)


    A flirtatious character, that is somehow wise and gentle to all genders equally. Sometimes he will snark to people he doesn't like, although hopefully he can get along the younger generation considering how old he is. Sometimes, in random moments he can have his mid-life crisis, where he acts like an old fart.

    Gijiri was amde from a Japanese Doll Craftsman in the near early centuries. I suppose you can say the crafstman was like a father to Gijiri somewhat, but in reality Gijiri was a decoration, not a toy that the 'father' had made.
    For the first 40 years of Gijiri, he was simply on a stand as a prize possession of the father's. This was the time he didn't technically have his 'soul' yet, he was a child technically and had no real purpose but to stand around and be a decor for the house.
    When Gijiri's father died, events began to happen. Gijiri's peaceful life was no longer ahead of him, instead; after the death of his father his life begins to be sold by collectors and traders constantly. One time, when he was only 60 years old, Gijiri's collector had children, and many of them. Although there was one he was quite attached. Since technically when his father had made him he had no name because he was many of the dolls that his father had made, although one of the children of the collector (his name was Haruo) had actually named him,
    "Your name shall be Gijiri!" the child said with a lisp.
    Of course Gijiri didn't really appreciate the name, since 議事利 means Proceeding Advantage, but since the kid couldn't stop calling him that,
    "Eh, whatever" Gijiri took a liking to it later on.
    Haruo unlike all the other kids who had toyed wit Gijiri roughly, he treated him gently and had a hands of a craftsman just like Gijiri's father. Whenever he was broken or needed to be fixed, Haruo was always there for him.
    He stayed with Haruo's family for awhile, and officially became a living doll in that household. Since turning into a living full-formed doll, to the family he was no longer decor or a 'toy' to them. They made him trained to be a bodyguard for the family, and therefore that is how he was able to wield the katana.
    Later on in life, he was traded again---even though he had an attachment to Haruo, and so did the child (whom turned into an adult during the time) but it was time for Gijiri to be sold once again.
    And so on with his cycle as a decor. This lasted for many years, he was able to survive through ww2 and the many events that happened in Japan.
    Although now officially 300 years old, and possibly have no value now as a doll, he decided to lay low in Toy Store.

    *Litte Asian trinkets
    *Men and woman
    *Japanese Sweets and Western Sweets

    *People calling him an old fart
    *Woman and or Men's clothes that show too much skin
    *Being called Mr. Derp-Hat

◊ Additional Information:
~He loves daisies… Obsessively, and loves crushing it also.
~Gijiri wears black gloves to hide the embarrassing mannequin hands.

Personally I was quite reluctant to join this..

I blame :iconcross-blue: and :icondyno-tan:
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pysanka Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2011
GIJIRIIII hayder hayyy e v e :iconwigglewiggleyeahplz: LOLGOD I DON'T KNOW I'VE BEEN WANTING TO USE THAT ICON///

Haru whyyy
all I can imagine is Gijiri offering someone a daisy,
and then crushing it.
Like a business card. LIKE A BOSS.
HaruLulu Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2012  Student Digital Artist
DADDY HAVE SOME DECENCY... MAYBE. :iconwigglewiggleyeahplz:

Le crushing it, like a boss.
Then spill vodka all over the floor.
and tell Sasson.
Vodka sucks ass.
pysanka Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2012
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HaruLulu Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Pops, pops, :icontearplz: Pops.... Its all :iconpelvicthrustplz: just no.

"FUCK YOU. DRINK THIS YOU DAMN RUSSOOO *shoves vodka down his throat*"
I'm not sure if Gijiri lived during the Russo-Japanese war.. Gijiri was born in 1711....Actually yes, he was there during the Japanese and Russian war. YEY.
RainyEcstasy Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2011
this piece of smex
oui, s'il vous plait.
HaruLulu Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2012  Student Digital Artist
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No he's a piece of shit :'D
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